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Mama Bear is Gonna Get You & Being a Helicopter Parent November 24, 2011

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Ian and I went to Costco yesterday to pick up some last minute things for Thanksgiving.  It was pouring rain all day, so for the dash from the exit to the car I had covered a sleeping Abby and her carseat with a blanket so she wouldn’t get wet.   Ian and I were getting ourselves together for the run and there’s a lady kinda looking at the covered carseat as she’s walking by.  Ian noticed her too and said to her “Yeah, sorry she’s covered, but she’s asleep.”  The lady then proceeded to lift the blanket to get a good look.  I just stood there and looked away, trusting Ian to correct her.

How on earth is this okay?!  Had she asked for a peek underneath, I still would’ve said no. WTF? She’s covered for a reason.

One of my coworkers started calling me Mama Bear when she found out I was pregnant.  At first it annoyed me, but I’m learning that I truly am.  Ian thinks it’s funny that I’m so fiercely protective of Abby, but occasionally I feel myself worrying about what the future holds.  I’m a huge fan of a blog called Free Range Kids.  Reading it makes me realize how much things have changed even since I was a kid.  My parents let me do things that are frowned on now (fishing for crayfish in the drain pipes under the road come to mind).  I would love to parent in the “free range style,” but then something happens like at Costco and it makes me wonder if I’ll be able to do it.  Is it because she’s so young?  When will she be old enough for me to let go?


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