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All is Fair in Love and Football November 29, 2011

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Ian and I had our first post-baby date on Sunday.  A few weeks ago, he asked if he could go see the Redskins/Seahawks game here.  I frowned… I didn’t want him to go because I wanted to go.  So I asked if I could go too.  We got 4 tickets – 2 for us and 2 more for our friends – and asked Ari and Pam to babysit the girl for a day (they owe us after all).

It was awesome!  This was the first pro football game I’d ever been to, and what better matchup?  Ian and I both wore our jerseys.  I fed the girl and then we left around 11 am or so.  We got to the stadium around 12:30 – and my boobs started hurting.  😦  Not being able to feed the girl for a day was going to take it’s toll on me.  I only had a few issues with that throughout the day, thankfully… that hurts!  I did feel slightly guilty about leaving her for a day, only because of the feedings.  We do supplement with formula, but the only time she’s had a full day of it was when I was sick and SUPER dehydrated.  Breastfeeding is so much easier on her little digestive system (and she totally doesn’t dig the formula poops, poor thing).

Ian had a more, um… intense experience than I did… He’s never been to a game while rooting for the opposing team.  It got to the point that I made sure that people could see my jersey – I’m with him, but not WITH him… Yikes!  But the comments were a little more subdued when we left since the Seahawks lost.  There’s strength in numbers, and the camaraderie between strangers is really interesting to watch.  All I kept thinking was, “This would make a great sociology paper!”

Noteworthy things:

It was 2.5 hours before I thought of Abby (I wanted to be able to let go – out of sight, out of mind).

I got to drink 2 beers (woohoo), but didn’t think I could handle anymore.

Ian dropped his brand new phone and it hit the edge of his beer which tipped over (boooo)…

We got Abby a little Seahawks teddy bear (named him Largent).

It was cold and rainy, but we were luckily in a covered section.  If they had been going around with Irish Coffees instead of beer, I would still be passed out in the bleachers.

I rode the Seattle public bus for the first time (and one of the guys we were with made fun of me).

Abby slept A LOT that day… so Sunday night/Monday morning sucked.  😦

I missed my girl, but absence makes the heart grow fonder.



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