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Being Powerless is a powerful lesson February 15, 2012

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Being in the area that we are, we frequently get windstorms that will knock the power out briefly.  It’s never been anything big… maybe an hour or two.  A few weeks ago, though, we lost power for a full 3 days due to snow and ice.  With a 3 month old.  We had heat from the gas fire place, a gas stove to cook on, and a gas hot water heater (which I didn’t learn until the last day of course).

I learned several things.

1.  It’s like camping, but without the time to prep properly (thank goodness we had our camping gear in an easily accessible tub).

2.  I’m glad Abby is the age she is.  Getting stuck indoors with two toddlers with no power is not fun.

3.  We can actually talk to each other.

Ian and I would put Abby down to sleep and talk.  We haven’t done that I don’t think since she was born.  We went on a date, but you’re expected to talk to your partner on those.  This was an occasion where normally, I would be watching TV and he would be on his computer.  It was nice.  We shared a bottle of wine, had dinner.  Talked.

I learned something from this.  Two or three times a week, we’ll have a black out.  No phones, no TV, no computers.  We can talk to each other.  Make plans, see what’s going on with each other, play games.  My S-I-L is planning on a similar take for Friday nights through Saturday – Shabbat observation.  I think that’s a great idea.  We just need to get started on it so that it’s a habit by the time Abby is old enough to get it.  Besides, she loves candles and the fireplace.  🙂


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