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On Previous Thoughts March 23, 2012

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I’ve been going back and reading the previous entries I’ve put in.  I’m reading the one from January about how I started going stir crazy, and that I would go back to work the moment I got the all clear from the doctor.  She’s a little over 5 months now, and it’s gotten to the point where I wouldn’t mind staying home with her (I’m sure I’d change my mind though if I actually did).


We communicate better and she kind of has a schedule sort of.  I think that I would’ve had more success in breastfeeding if I had (again with the breastfeeding, but this is why I have a blog now).  We did well for a while, but after being back at work for a month or so, she just wouldn’t nurse at all, so I pump.  😦  Not what I wanted to do, but it happens.  And then because I was pumping and not nursing, my supply started going down, so I tried the teas, lots of water, and supplements.  None of that worked, so I emailed my doctor and they put me on Reglan.  Pretty heavy duty stuff that they don’t want you taking for more than 3 months… that stuff worked.  Now that I’m weaning myself off, my supply is going down again (argh).  I’m keeping it up until the next appointment with the doctor, and then we’ll talk about it.  Part of me is starting to feel lazy, and then I feel guilty because of that… I have regrets.  I know that and I need to get over it.


Coming up… baby-led solids.  🙂


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