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Abby’s First Hiking Trip April 29, 2012

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Ian and I had the first hiking trip with the girl today.  It went pretty well.  Originally we were going up to Denny Creek, but the snow hasn’t quite melted yet.  I think it wouldn’t be so bad except when they plowed the road, they managed to block it too, so the trailhead was inaccessible.  Nice job there guys.  😦  So we (along with Carrie and Kris) decided to go to Twin Falls instead.  We used the Ergo, and I must say, I did well.  Twin Falls isn’t that long of a hike… maybe three miles round trip.  I think I almost got to the half-way mark (and I took the uphill part too) when I finally passed her off to Ian.  I could’ve made it all the way, but it would’ve gotten to the point that it wasn’t fun anymore.


She loved it.  She looked around with this look of wonderment at everything… the big trees she stared at like the ceiling fan with her mouth agape.  After a good amount of time taking it all in, she started talking to me.  I imagine that she was telling me about how cool all of this was.  After a few cooing sounds, I’d say “Oh, yeah?” and look at her… she’d return my stare with a huge smile and we’d have this moment.  After I traded her off to Ian, we hiked a little more and in about 10 minutes, she fell asleep in the carrier.  Poor little exhausted girl.


Poor exhausted parents.  She’s about 16 1/2 pounds now, so it was no small challenge to carry her around… even in the carrier.  This is the first time we’ve hiked this year (and the first time for me since before she was born).  It was no small feat that we were able to do this… me without my knee brace too (ugh).  There will be many more of these to come, but I feel like it was a successful first trip.  Not too hard, not to easy – I think there’s about 500 feet of elevation gain – not too shabby.


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