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Happy New Year! January 1, 2013

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Yeah, I suck at blogging – need to be more consistent about that… speaking of which….

Since the year has come to a close, I’ve started thinking about my New Years Resolutions.

I’m starting yoga class soon.  I’m really looking forward to the class, just not the timing.  It’s 7-8p Tuesday and Thursday.  So Ian and I will be passing ships in the night and I won’t get dinner until 8:30 (I’m not eating before the class – yuck).  Once I get that started, we’ll try and see when other times I can get myself to work out.

I’ve started researching coconut oil.  There are a vast number of things that it can do (I have a list, I’m checking things off), but I’m trying to look at it from a more down-to-Earth point of view (if Abby gets an ear infection again, I’ll be taking her to the doctor, NOT dosing her with coconut oil – let’s be real here).

I want to finish one sewing project a week.  Unless it’s a big one, then I’ll work on it every week.  I enjoy sewing, but I don’t do it enough.  I’ve learned that Abby can sleep through the machine if she’s upstairs, which means I can work on projects after she goes to bed.

Overall, I want to be more green and healthy.  In body, in mind.  I’m not going to go crazy, but I’m introducing things slowly.  I’m sure that it’ll be hit or miss (especially with some of those coconut oil ideas – some of them are pretty off-the-wall).

Also, I’m looking into working on a little side business of selling cloth diapers and carriers.  I like to make them, but there are only so many that I can make and KEEP (–>  ADDICTED TO CLOTH DIAPER FABRIC  <–)  :-/

Last, but not least (and I’m sure I’ll write another blog on this as well)… a few weeks ago I had a total breakdown.  Something has been missing in my life, and I couldn’t quite figure out what… Love my hubby, love my daughter… just something else was missing in my life.  I had an epiphany and decided to start Childbirth Educator classes.  So I’m starting the reading list for Tradition Path with the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA).  Once that was decided, it just seemed to make sense and I wondered why it took so long for it to click.  Any way… another blog for another time…

Random edit:  In light of the tragedy in Connecticut a few weeks ago, I’ve also vowed to say the Sh’ma over my daughter every night.  The couple nights I’ve done it with tears rolling down my face.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  That’s my plan for 2013.


One Response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Carrie C. Says:

    I didn’t know you could sew! And I’m glad you enjoy it – the women in my family who could sew, didn’t always enjoy it but did it dutifully. It’s definitely a dying art. Glad you found something that will maybe supply a missing part of your life. I’ve definitely had that crisis from time to time over the years. Hugs!

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