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Breast-feeding thoughts January 23, 2013

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This one will be short.

I’m on this first book still for becoming a childbirth educator and I’m on the chapter on breast-feeding.  If I had to do the birth all over again, this would be what I would change:


I never did skin to skin with her right after.   I knew that breastfeeding was important… I even went to the class, but I don’t think that it really clicked how important that first feed was.  I don’t remember feeding her until I was upstairs in post-partum… and that was several hours later.


I SO regret that now.


There were a lot of things that lead to our breast-feeding downfall…. What some women refer to as “booby traps”… har de har har… but it’s very serious.  I have flat nipples, which creates challenges when feeding.  I didn’t visit a lactation consultant after we were discharged, and I absolutely should have.  I was started with a nipple shield, and I thought that was a G-dsend, until I tried to get off of it… and it’s HARD.


The next time, I will arm myself with information.

The next time, I will talk to consultants and La Leche League BEFORE I go into labor, and several times after the birth.

The next time, I will take baby to the breast without hesitation, and

The next time, I will breastfeed for as long as baby sees fit to.





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