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The Lunette Test February 26, 2013

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I got kinda pissed off during my last period because I DESTROYED another pair of undies.  D-:<  The stupid tampon leaked.  I declared it – I’m DONE.  I’m getting a cup.  So I did some homework and got the Lunette model one.  Here is how everything went:

Okay… not pregnant, and so begins the adventure of the lunette.  Initial thoughts, you have to be okay with putting your fingers in there, which is not the worst thing, but kinda weird in a public bathroom.

Not too hard to insert… I never practiced, so perhaps I should’ve.  It’s a little interesting to do since my nails are kinda long… I’m paranoid that I’m going to stab/scratch myself.  Need to cut off the end like other people mentioned in reviews, but I’m not taking a large pair of scissors with me to the bathroom at work.  Kinda feels like a tampon that I didn’t insert properly.

Almost 2 hours later, no leakage yet, but I usually don’t get going until a little later.  Also, I just had to pee… had to kind of assist it a bit.  My muscles wouldn’t let go… so the question is, will that get better or will it always be like that… it’ll be interesting when I have to poop.  I don’t really want to take the time to take it out if I need to (as some others did).

Okay… about 4 hours after insertion… still no leaks.  No discomfort (other than that piece that I need to cut off).  Pooped just fine (woot).  So far, pretty happy.  I’ll check it when I get home and we’ll see how things look then…

Okay…. 7 hours later, first removal and cleaning.  There is very little blood, but I tend to trickle and then gush (ew, but there you are).  It looks disturbingly like chocolate syrup.  I need to ask some veterans about that, so off to the interwebz I go for help.

I also cut off a portion of the bottom.  I don’t think I inserted it as well as I should’ve.  When I’m walking, I can still feel it (although I did leave some of the stem on there, so that could be it… maybe I should cut off the rest of it.  Hmmm…

The more I’m walking around, the more I’m convinced that it’s shifting a bit to the side.  I keep getting jabs to the side, I’ll fix it before I go to bed.

I just watched a video for various ways to fold it… there are a few that I’m *really* excited to try… does that make me lame?

Day 2

There was a little bit of leakage in the late morning.  I was half asleep when I put it back in in the morning, so that’s my own fault.  I took it out to readjust, even though it looked like it fixed itself… that’s one of the things that I like about the cup… you don’t have to have it in perfectly.  If you get it mostly close and do a few kegels, it’ll correct itself.  I went out with the girls in the evening, so I emptied it before I left work and never had any other issues.  Never really thought about it most of the day.  I seem to be challenged to get it in straight.  I don’t know if it’s the way I’m putting it in or if my cervix is slanted to the side.  I actually have a GYN appointment in a few weeks… I’ll have to make sure to ask the doc if she can give me any hints.

Day 3

There were a whopping 2 drops in my undies this morning… confirming that I put in slightly crooked.  I’m getting faster about getting it in and out.  Outs a little harder, but as long as you take the time and relax, it’s not bad.  I’m getting less shy about getting all up in there.  Once you get over that, it’s a heck of a lot easier.  🙂

Last day

This thing passed with flying colors.  This weekend, I finally “got” it.  I was good for the whole time, no leaks, no discomfort.  I told Ian that the worst thing about the Lunette is that you might forget you have it in (not kidding – it’s *that* comfortable).  I’m actually excited for the next time!