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Decisions, decisions February 25, 2014

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As usual, when I left this morning, we give smooches all around and Abby asked why.  “I have to go to work honey.”  She looks sad.  “Why?”  I sigh and think “that’s a good question.”


At two and a half, I understand that this is a totally normal and annoying phase – ‘The Why Phase’ – and that she doesn’t really know what she’s asking… or does she?


As we’re pondering timing for kid number two, we’re thinking about jobs, money, time, family, schools, housing… This is kinda of a pivotal moment in our lives (more so than the decision about having Abby).  Amazingly, I’ve shifted gears and would like to stay at home with Abby and the other kiddo, but we can’t afford it.  I would like to work part time.  I would love to stay at my current job and do that, but the one-way 45 minute commute would be too much.  I could ask them to let me work from home a couple days a week, but I don’t think that would work either (I’m too scared they’d look for someone else who could be more available).  When we’re house hunting, we could look to the south near where I work for incredibly beautiful and (gasp) affordable housing…. But the schools suck.  So private?  No.  I do not want my children going to private school.  Hands down I would home school them over spending $30k/year.  No question.  So now what?

This is so incredibly frustrating.  As the saying goes: On their death bed, no one ever said “I wish I’d worked more.”


In a perfect world where money didn’t matter, I would stay home part time.  This is where the Etsy shop came in…. I could do that part time easily, but would I be able to keep up with it?  Would I even be able to make enough?  Argh.  I’m leaning heavily towards staying home part time, but how do people afford it?


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