Three Drunk Monkeys

About Us November 17, 2011

Time to update… we’ve since added another monkey to the mix.

My hubby and I moved to the Eastside of Seattle from Northern VA in Nov of 2008.  A bit of culture shock at first, but actually not that different.  My home is quickly turning into a zoo with a cat, people frequently visiting, and the introduction of a little girl (born 10.13.11) and then another little girl on July 4th (12 days early).  Ian is a gamer and an IT dude, and I have an English degree (the standard “opposites attract” couple).  Both of us are drinkers and I started homebrewing shortly before I found out I was pregnant (to be continued soon – when I have time).  I also work for a craft/micro beer/wine/spirits distributor in the area.  And when the kids ate as little ones, they got completely milk drunk, hence the blog’s title – we’re all a bunch of drunk monkeys.

I’m a bit of a tree hugger (chewy, not crunchy granola) and a lot of the child-rearing aspects that go with it (cloth diapers, child wearing, free-range kid encouraging, but somehow still attachment parenting…).  I guess I’m a modern granola girl… I’ll suppose you’ll have figured that out through the course of the blogs.  Hell… *I’m* still figuring that out… it’s part of the first time parent I guess.

I’m trying to find space to write and sew again… it’s hard with two small children, but we’ll get there.


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