Three Drunk Monkeys

“There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson November 19, 2011

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Poor Ian.  He has had next to no sleep today.

During his shift last night, Abby decided that she wanted to stay up until 2 am.  He got up around 9 am or so this morning after a fitful night of sleeping.  And since he’s going to watch football with the guys tomorrow, he had daddy duty today and I got go frolic sans kiddo (which means a trip to JoAnn’s).  She was super fussy all day today too.  Wouldn’t eat and when she did, she gulped it down and managed to spit it all up.  On Ian.

I gave him a trick to use to make her slow down a little.  So she got a bottle (I’m a little low sometimes, but we’re working on it), and then her and Ian fell asleep on the rocker.  I finally put her in the boppy on the couch next to me and sent Ian upstairs.  She quickly fell asleep with me stroking her head, snoring peacefully.

It snowed this morning and I just grabbed the mail… it smells like it’ll snow some more tonight.  I have to say, it’s nice to nurse the girl by the fire when it’s dark and early in the morning.  Getting up is a challenge most mornings.  I almost cried this morning because I really didn’t want to do it.  When the light starts to rise and touch her sleeping face, I marvel at how I could ever be annoyed with her.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and went downstairs with the girl.  She fell asleep again on me and didn’t wake up to eat until 7:45.  Curse her and her wacky sleeping habits.  I can’t wait until she can roll over and we can put her on her back to sleep.